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Career Related Experience

Initial CRE: Strategies & Resources

(most typically for first-year and sophomore students)

You should view your first two years at Hamilton as a time to build a foundation that will make you more marketable for a competitive internship later on.

Ideally, this "foundation" should include an initial career-related experience during the summer(s). Your first and/or second CRE will most likely be unpaid, located close to your home community, and with a small to medium-size organization.

Develop a Plan to Secure a Summer CRE

  1. Decide on and research a career field that you wish to explore
  2. Draft resume and have it approved

Search for Opportunities

  1. Network with personal and family contacts
  2. Identify types of organizations that may be able to provide you with initial career-related experience
  3. Generate a prospect list of specific organizations and contact them to inquire about potential career-related experience
  4. If you live in a major metropolitan area (i.e., DC, Boston, NYC, Philadelphia), you may also want to search online listings to determine if there are opportunities for which you might be competitive


  1. Research each organization of interest
  2. Target your resume and cover letter to each specific organization and/or position.
  3. Call 315-859-4346 to have a Peer or Career Counselor review application materials
  4. Send required materials well in advance of deadlines

Follow Up and Interview

  1. Contact each organization to confirm receipt of materials and to set up an in-person or phone interview (if appropriate)
  2. Prepare for interview
  3. Conduct a practice "mock" interview at the Career Center