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Comments from Class of 2015 Participants

  • “Great learning experience, gained an understanding of a typical day on the job and future career prospects. Sponsor was incredibly nice and helpful. Very willing to answer questions and showed me around the office. Co-workers were also considerate and knowledgeable.”
  • “Got to see AMAZING procedures such as circumcisions, a laparoscopy, and even a birth!”
  • “This was an amazing experience and helped confirm my decision as a premed student.”
  • “Fantastic itinerary, everyone I met was extremely engaging and interesting, and sincerely enjoyed their work.”
  • “I had a blast and really got to see the inside workings of the theater and even got to sit in on an event planning committee. Everyone was really friendly and Becky gave me great career advice. Loved talking with her!”
  • “It helped me A LOT in seeing what the job (and related fields) is like, and what to expect if I were to pursue it, as well as whether it's a good fit personality and capability wise.”
  • “I got to watch two amazing pediatric open-heart surgeries!!!!”
  • “It changed my mind about the publishing industry and opened my eyes to the possibilities within that industry. It definitely made me reconsider pursuing internships in publishing.”
  • “I was able to sit in on a conference call and Megan allowed me multiple opportunities to help her complete tasks at hand. (I was able to end my shadow day saying "I completed this.")”
  • “I had an incredible day and it exceeded all my expectations”