HAVOC's Executive Board

While the E-Board may consist of some of the top leaders on campus, it's really just a bunch of regular kids who, for one reason or another, think the world could use a helping hand.

Meet the Board

When you imagine a volunteer, do you think of a boring, all work/no play student? Well that's not our board! While we do show dedication to our work, we bring with it a wide diversity of experience, a bunch of creativity, and a whole lot of fun. We encourage you to take a moment to read our bios so you can get to know us better. Find the bios here.

What exactly does the Board do?

HAVOC's board serves two major functions. The first is to oversee all HAVOC operations, from ensuring the sites run smoothly and all-campus service days happen to staffing charity events. The second is to provide longterm guidance for the organization. Just like a non-profit board in the "real world," HAVOC's board oversees all high level decisions including strategic planning, financial planning, marketing and publicity, volunteer coordination and recruitment, and community partnerships.

Each member is given a specific area to focus in and this helps delineate responsibilities. These positions are explained on the contact page. (more to come soon.)