Shannon Cicero ’25

Shannon plans to major in Government or American Studies and minor in Italian Studies, and will be tutoring Italian at the Language Center. Shannon is a member of the varsity women’s tennis team at Hamilton, and also enjoys volunteering and interning for nonprofit organizations. Shannon began learning Italian in middle school and has taken classes in Italian language for seven years.

David de Frutos Ostrander ’23

David is a Mathematics major and Japanese minor, and will be tutoring Japanese at the Language Center. David enjoys playing horn in the Hamilton College Orchestra and in the HC Wind Ensemble of which David is co-president. In his free time, David likes watching and talking about motorsports such as Formula 1, MotoGP, and endurance racing. David started learning Japanese in order to be able to read classic Japanese novels written by authors such as Natsume Soseki, Osamu Dazai, and Haruki Murakami.

Erik Glover ’23

Erik is a German Studies and Economics double major from Andover, Massachusetts. In addition to being a German tutor, Erik works in the Career Center on campus and takes part in volleyball club and chess club. He enjoys hiking, traveling, and cultural exchange.

Christa Ingabire ’24

Christa is a junior Mathematics major and Art minor. Christa is from Burundi in East Africa and her native languages are Kirundi and French. She is a French tutor.

Yanki Kung ’23

Yanki is a senior Anthropology major and a Digital Art & Hispanic Studies minor. Yanki is a Japanese tutor at the Language Center.

Regina Lin ’23

Regina is a Chinese major who always tries to tell people to take Chinese at Hamilton. She loves learning the language and cultural aspects of China and looks forward to helping Chinese learners at the Language Center!

Hannah Lipskar ’25

Hannah is a sophomore from New York City. She plans to major in Government with a minor in Religious Studies and Hispanic Studies but is still undecided. Hannah will be tutoring Spanish at the Language Center. She started learning Spanish in sixth grade and has loved exploring other cultures through the study of language! In her free time, Hannah is on the Hamilton Club Soccer team and has a radio show on WHCL.

Nathalie Martinez ’23

Nathalie is a senior from Miami, FL majoring in Philosophy and double-minoring in Education and Italian Studies. In addition to serving as a student assistant and Italian tutor at the Language Center, she also works as a first year course mentor for a philosophy class and peer advisor at the Career Center. In her spare time, she enjoys playing chess, listening to Spanish rock music, or reminiscing about her time abroad in Bologna, Italy.

Eve Rudin '25

Eve is a sophomore from New York City. She is still undecided about what she will major in, but is choosing between Environmental Studies, Literature, and Hispanic Studies. She has loved learning Spanish and has studied it seriously since high school. In her free time, Eve enjoys exploring and exercising in the outdoors, and reading!

Anthony Scurto '24

Anthony Scurto is a junior from San Jose, California. A major in Literature, Anthony particularly likes Renaissance-era literature, as well as contemporary graphic novels. When he’s not tutoring Russian at the Language Center, Anthony works as a tour guide and is a chair of the Disabled Students Network. Outside of class, you can find him catching up on research or attempting some avant-garde baking recipe.

Jonathan Setzer ’23

Jonathan is a senior Classical Languages major and will be tutoring Latin and Ancient Greek. His interests include dancing, cooking, and calligraphy.

Rachel Shin ’25

Rachel is a sophomore who plans to major in Biology on the pre-med track. Rachel is a Korean tutor, and part of HEAT (Hamilton's super cool hip-hop dance team). In her free time, Rachel likes to spend time with friends, traveling/planning trips, and listening to music.

Jorge Vásquez-Perez '24

Jorge is a Spanish tutor.

James Winner '23

James is a World Politics focusing on the Middle East, and will be tutoring Arabic at the Language Center. He enjoys reading medieval Arabic and Sufi literature. Outside of class, James enjoys playing music with the Hamilton College Jazz Ensemble and various student bands.

Anna Yankee ’25

Anna is a sophomore from Freeport, Maine majoring in Environmental Studies and minoring in Government. She began taking French in sixth grade and put it to use during her junior year of high school, which she spent in Rennes, France. In Rennes, Anna meandered in museums, gained a greater appreciation for cheese, and learned to surf with her host family. At Hamilton, she is also a writing tutor and co-manager of the Harvest. In her free time, Anna can be found making crêpes in her dorm kitchen, drinking McEwen spa water, and trying (mostly unsuccessfully) to learn tennis.

Lanjing Ye ’23

Lanjing is a senior majoring in Computer Science and Japanese from Changzhou, China. She enjoys novels, documentaries, and various games, can’t cook but loves food. Lanjing is glad to become an LC tutor for Mandarin Chinese and Japanese!

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