Tutors Fall 2008


Stephanie Anglin '10
Stephanie is a junior psychology major from Endicott, New York. When she isn't writing or reading psych labs, she enjoys listening to loud music, running, skiing, and watching House, M.D.
Rebecca Behrens '11
Rebecca is a sophomore Neuroscience major and English minor from Glendale, AZ. When she's not in the writing center, you may see her in the sushi line, which she submits to on a daily basis because of her seafood addiction, on the rock wall, or in the pub competing with her h-core trivia team Fabio Stole My Cutoffs. Rebecca's interests include: satire, Freud, ELO, and Arrested Development. She also firmly believes that Jane Austen was God's gift to English literature, and if you foolishly decide to criticize Pride and Prejudice in her presence, you will be bombarded with an argument that may extend your conference by 3 hours.
Nick Berry '09
Nick is a senior majoring in biochemistry. 
Leeann Brigham '09
Leeann is a senior pre-med student from Troy, NY. She plays rugby and is majoring in neuroscience. 
Henry Ciocca '09
Henry is a senior majoring in American Studies.
Brendan Conway '09
Brendan is a senior Creative Writing/Philosophy double major. He hails from the Garden State, and will defend it to the death from any would-be detractors…unless, of course, the would-be detractor is a fellow New Jersey-an, in which case he will happily while away the hours sharing terrible stories about his radioactive home state.  He enjoys wasting his time upon any number of activities, including his saxophone, video games, comics, video games, books, and video games. He would like to be Batman when he graduates from Hamilton.
Winston Cook-Wilson '09
Winston Cook-Wilson '09 is a senior music major and comparative literature minor. He is an active member of the Independent Music Fund, WHCL 88.7 and the Hamilton College Choir, among other things. He likes watching movies, writing music and drinking Arizona Green Tea Arnold Palmers.
Willy Cowles '09
"Willy is a senior concentrator in History. He is a captain of the crew team, and when not in the writing center, he will probably be in the library working on his senior thesis. Other than that, he enjoy skiing, reading and biking."
Catie Ferrara '11 
Catie is a sophomore planning to major in Environmental Studies with a focus on Public Policy. As a result, you'll often see her hurrying between the Science Center and KJ on her teal "Earth Cruiser" bicycle. Catie is a DJ on WHCL, and she never misses an Acoustic Coffeehouse. As an active member of the Hamilton Environmental Action Group, Catie will make sure you plan on recycling that rough draft.
Cristina Garafola '11
Cristina is a sophomore Chinese and World Politics double major from Sparta, New Jersey.  Cristina enjoys rollercoasters, driving, riding, photography, and listening to music.  Her roommate, Erica, is also a writing tutor, which may make their Kirkland double the most concentrated area of writing center-ness on the Light Side.
Michael Harwick '11
Michael Harwick '11 is a New Jersey-born sophomore who is trying to decide on a major but isn't having a whole lot of luck.  He is currently considering music and creative writing, and as such is involved in Writer's Bloc, the College Choir, and the staff pianist program.  Having brought his own bookcase from home to store his precious volumes, you are more than likely to find him enjoying a good read, when he isn't running around or shut away in a practice room.
Pat Hodgens '09
"Pat is a senior Comparative Literature major from Syracuse, NY. He is the Production Editor for The Spectator and is the co-administrator of Study Buddies. He has just returned from a semester in England and looks forward to being back on the Hill."
Erica Kowsz '11
As an archaeology major, Erica's interests include barefootedness, body paint, creepy old attics,  travel, and oatmeal, among other things.  You might catch a glimpse of her in her natural environment at HEAG, HOC, or the community garden.  She loves art, language, literature, history, and a good laugh.  She doesn't really have much interest in explosives, but, if you'd like, you can ask her about finding a live WWII era bomb this summer while digging for Paleoindian stone tools.
Tom Lewek '09
"Tom is a senior English major and Classics minor."
Stefanie Linnan '11 
Stefanie is a sophomore from Pennsylvania who plans to major in English and Psychology and minor in awesomeness. In her free time, she enjoys reading, wasting many hours on the Internet, and solving the world's mysteries
Rachel McReynolds '09
Rachel is senior history major and enjoys Medieval Europe, acoustic guitars, languages, cats, and grammar.  She's from the Golden State.
Phillip Milner '10
Phill is a great writing tutor because he is a Chemistry and Math major..well, those aren't really writey things.  He also plays trombone in the brass ensemble...that's kind of like writing, right?  Capoiera?  Deep pointless philosophical conversations?  Well there has to be SOME reason...come in and find out!
Andrew Peart '10
Andrew is a junior English major and philosophy minor. When not editing Hamilton's most prolific rag, The Daily Bull, he is probably cruising on his beloved bicycle, The Blue Sprinter, incidentally the title of tomorrow's issue. Andrew will read any paper you bring to a conference, but he prefers Marxist critiques of MGM musicals.
Dana Quigley '11
Dana is a sophomore from Malden, Massachusetts. He plans to major in Creative Writing and minor in Japanese. He enjoys zombie movies and will never pass up a cup of coffee or a game of Twister. In his spare time, Dana writes, films, and edits movies with his friends and listens to a vast library of music. He is a POSSE Scholar and a Resident Advisor.
Rachel Richardson '09
Rachel is a senior Creative Writing and German major. She is currently one of two Oklahomans living on campus, and she is both able and ready to read your paper while dispelling any notions you may have about the great, grand land beyond the Mississippi. She hopes to someday write the Next Great American Novel, but she would be content with permanently settling somewhere where the sun consistently shines.
Kevin Rowe '10
Kevin is a junior Government major and Environmental Studies minor from East Grand Rapids, Michigan. He is interested in environmental politics and political theory, banana science, and the Fox television special "Man vs. Beast." He can be seen schlepping around campus carrying his printer-scanner-copier and discouraging people from registering to vote.
Kate Sheridan '11
"Kate is a sophomore who plans to major in English and minor in Hispanic Studies. Luckily for her, grammar is fun in any language! ¡Qué suerte!" 
Amy Tannenbaum '10
Amy is a Comp Lit major and Women's Studies minor (although she has great fondness for the theatre department). She likes knitting, riot grrrl music, nutella, and diagramming sentences. Using apostrophes to make plurals, however, is not high on her list.
Jennifer Vano '09
Jenn is a senior Creative Writing Major from Yonkers, NY.  She has been a writing tutor since Sophomore year, and therefore knows more about commas than anybody should know ever!  She spent Spring '08 in Italy and misses it alot, although she is happy to be back on the Hill! She loves theater, dance, and music, and hopes to work in the music industry post-graduation.
Elizabeth Weber '10
Elizabeth is a junior history major from Southbridge, MA. She enjoys a good nap, but promises not to fall asleep during a conference. She's also afraid of birds. Really, really afraid. Seriously. She's not afraid of other people's writing though, so that's good.


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