Tutors Fall 2009


Stephanie Anglin '10
Stephanie is a senior Psychology major from Endicott, NY. When she isn't writing or reading psych labs, she enjoys watching movies, running, and skiing. Although she thoroughly enjoyed her semester abroad in Australia last spring, she is happy to be back on the Hill!
Rebecca Behrens '11
Rebecca is a junior Neuroscience major and English minor from Glendale, AZ. When she's not in the Writing Center, you may see her in the sushi line, which she submits to on a daily basis because of her seafood addiction. Rebecca's interests include satire, Freud, ELO, and Arrested Development. She also firmly believes that Jane Austen was God's gift to English literature, and if you foolishly decide to criticize Pride and Prejudice in her presence, she will bombard you with a diatribe that may extend your conference by 3 hours. 
Rachel D'Angio '11 
Rachel is a junior Environmental Studies major focusing in biology. Along those lines, she spent the summer working at her local zoo, where her desk was right across from the education animals. As a result, she learned a lot of grammar from a talking parrot, so you're in good hands, or wings.
Leigh Ercole '11
Leigh is a junior Psychology major and Spanish/Education double minor from Westport, CT.  She is on the swim team and a HAVOC site coordinator for DEAR, tutoring kindergartners and first graders once a week. In her free time she enjoys rock climbing, reading, and baking with friends, as well as spontaneous laughter, chocolate, and Opus muffins.  Next semester she plans to study abroad in Madrid.
Catie Ferrara '11
Catie is a junior majoring in Environmental Studies with a focus on Public Policy and is thus equally devoted to the Science Center and KJ. She spent this past summer as an EPA bureaucrat in Washington, DC, and plans to study in Australia during the Spring '10 semester. Catie is most often busy working on events and projects for the Hamilton Environmental Action Group, and she will firmly remind you to recycle those rough drafts. 
Caitlin Fitzsimons '11
Caitlin is a junior English major and Art History minor from Hingham, MA. She is a tourguide for the Admissions Office, an Urban Service Experience leader for Freshman Pre-Orientation, and the Assistant Director of HAVOC. In her free time she enjoys reading, drawing, painting, cooking, and visiting museums. 
David Foster '10
I am an Economics-Government double major who has lots of boring interests (as oxymoronic as that sounds).  If you like to talk about politics, classical music, or microeconomic theory, we are sure to have a thrilling conference! 
Maeve Gately '12
Maeve Gately is a sophomore planning on a majoring in English and Art History. When she is not in the Writing Center, you will most likely find her stretched out on the quad with a copy of A.S. Byatt's Possession, or (when the snow begins to fall) baking a batch of gluten-free brownies!
Nora Grenfell '12
Nora Grenfell is a sophomore from New York City planning to major in English. She is also co-editor of Features for The Spectator.
Ethan Kamer '10
Ethan Kamer is a senior majoring in History. He hails from Somers, NY.
Erica Kowsz '11
Erica's interests include sunshiny naps, barefootedness, creepy old attics, travel, and oatmeal, among other things.  She is an Archaeology and Hispanic Studies major, but she also loves art, language, literature, and history. You might catch a glimpse of her in her natural environment at the science center, HOC open hours, or the glen. 
Stefanie Linnan '11
Stefanie is a junior from Pennsylvania who is majoring in English and Psychology and minoring in awesomeness. In her free time, she enjoys reading, wasting many hours on the Internet, and solving the world's mysteries.
Julia Litzky '12
Julia Litzky is a sophomore from Annapolis, Maryland who is planning on majoring in Neuroscience and minoring in either History or Philosophy.  She is an editor of the Science and Technology section of The Spectator and a member of Emerson Literary Society and the Hamilton College Sailing Team.
Lizzie Marris '10
Lizzie are a senior Sociology major and History minor from Erieville, NY. Among things she enjoys is reading, running, cats, the Bob Newhart Show, and glaring grammatical errors.
Andre Matlock '12
Andre is a sophomore who focuses mainly on the study of Classics and Philosophy.
Phill Milner '10
Phill is a Chemistry and Math double major who spends most of his time doing complicated set theory manipulations, complicated quantum theory manipulations, and complicated work in the lab. In short, his life is really quite simple: he does problem sets. LOTS of problem sets. When not removing large quantities of his bountiful supply of hair over problem sets, Phill can be found playing trombone in the Brass Ensemble and Orchestra, TAing Organic Chemistry lab, and running around outside for those rare glimpses of sunlight before inevitably setting pencil to paper for his next math assignment.
Andrew Peart '10 
Andrew is no longer editor-in-chief of The Daily Bull.
Lauren Perillo '10
Lauren is a senior History major and (possible) Comp Lit minor from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.  Her interests include Hamilton College Trivia Night, penguins, and Bollywood movies.
Preetha Sushmita '11
Preetha is double major in Women's Studies and Development Studies. She likes to think she is an anarchist, so she will sympathize with your reluctance to conform to the rules of grammar. She will, however, make you take out those run-on sentences, awkward phrases and misplaced modifiers. She likes to read witty British novels, plan massacres of the bourgeoisie, and say "full stop" instead of "period." 
Dana Quigley '11
Dana is a junior from Malden, Massachusetts. He is a Creative Writing and Asian Studies double-major. He enjoys zombie movies and will never pass up a cup of coffee or a game of Twister. In his spare time, Dana writes, films, and edits movies with his friends and listens to a vast library of music. He is a POSSE Scholar and a freelance writer for Pearson Education. He will study abroad at King's College London during the Spring 2010 semester.
Mallory Reed '10
Mallory is a senior Sociology and French major from Potsdam, NY. She enjoys culinary adventures, yoga, swimming, and good conversation. 
Kevin Rowe '10
Kevin is a senior Government major and Environmental Studies minor. He comes to Hamilton and the Writing Center from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Apart from his job at the Writing Center, Kevin is an Adirondack Adventure leader, the president of Democracy Matters, and a member of the Utica Club, 2007 B-league IM hockey champions. He enjoys cooking, working in the Community Farm Garden, and maps.
Kate Sheridan '11
Kate is a junior who is majoring in English with a minor in Hispanic Studies. Luckily for her, grammar is fun in any language! ¡Qué suerte! 
Amy Tannenbaum '10
Amy is a senior Comparative Literature major. She just got back from a semester in Paris, so you might even see her about your French paper! If you bring in a paper about arts and activism, feminist 'zine culture, or nonviolent social movements, she'll be especially excited.
Elizabeth Weber '10
Elizabeth is a senior History major from Southbridge, MA. She enjoys a good nap, but promises not to fall asleep during a conference. She's also afraid of birds. Really, really afraid. Seriously. She's not afraid of other people's writing though, so that's good.


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