• Hamilton President David Wippman announced the promotion of six faculty members to the rank of professor, as approved by the College’s Board of Trustees at its June meeting.

  • Language gives us the tools to approach and understand the world. It gives meaning to objects and facilitates interactions among people. In fact, as you’re reading this now, it is language that transforms these strange black lines into a story.

  • Is there life on other planets? What does the term ‘Viking’ really mean? Is Earth due for another reversal of the magnetic field? Expert faculty members from several departments, including history, east Asian languages, art history, geosciences, government, and physics, share a little-known fact about their discipline.

  • Last year Riley Nichols ’21 developed a program titled “Philosophy with Children” with 12 other students under the direction of John Stewart Kennedy Chair of Philosophy Marianne Janack. The group developed and delivered virtual weekly lessons exploring age-appropriate topics in philosophy with groups of Clinton elementary and middle school students. Some of the lesson plans developed by the Hamilton students have been selected and published by PLATO (Philosophy Learning and Teaching Organization).

  • After three years of people-centered professional and academic experience, Anna Goula ’22 is preparing to pursue a career characterized by mission and impact work. She’ll hone her communication and analytical skills after graduation at Columbia University’s School of Professional Studies, where she will work toward her master of science in nonprofit management.

  • Tatum Barclay ’22, a soon-to-be Georgetown Law student, has been inspired by the field of law since childhood. “I found my voice through oral speaking,” she recalled, “My passion for advocacy, conversation, and litigation stems from the hardships and triumphs of having dyslexia.”

  • Hamilton welcomed 51 new faculty members including eight new tenure-track in addition to visiting professors, lecturers, and teaching fellows for the 2021-22 academic year. The College is in the midst of a 10-year period, begun in 2015, during which nearly half of its faculty will reach average retirement age.

  • While most campus activity remained virtual this summer, three Hamilton faculty members brought colleagues and students from around the globe together by hosting academic conferences. Assistant Professor of Physics Kristen Burson co-chaired the 81st Physical Electronics Conference (PEC), Associate Professor of Sociology Jaime Kucinskas convened a Social Mindfulness Symposium, and Associate Professor of Philosophy Russell Marcus co-organized the American Association of Philosophy Teachers (AAPT) summer series.

  • Nathalie Martinez ’23 is spending her summer working at an interdisciplinary research lab called Scientists, Technologists, and Artists Generating Exploration (STAGE) through a University of Chicago grant. Here, she describes the nature of her work and her academic background.

  • Breaking into the entertainment industry might sound like an ambition so grand that it’s almost unattainable. But Danielle Hirsch ’21 worked her way up to an externship with United Talent Agency (UTA), where she was soon offered a desk opening in the theatre department.


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