The Peer Tutoring Program of Hamilton College provides academic support for students by arranging one-on-one tutoring in specific subjects, providing information regarding help offered by other programs and departments, and by offering assistance in the improvement and application of study skills and time management.

Currently located in 223 Christian A. Johnson, the program offers one-on-one peer tutoring and academic skills assistance on the basis of referral and availability of tutors. Students needing help should meet with the Academic Support Coordinator and fill out a tutor request card, with their name, campus address, campus phone, e-mail, name of course and professor, and problems.

Tutorial progress is monitored by the tutor and the Academic Support Coordinator through written evaluations and conferences.

To ensure that the individual needs of students are met, the Academic Support Coordinator works closely with the faculty, administration, tutors, and students receiving assistance.

This help should supplement, not replace, good study habits, discipline, and hard work.