The College Board Expected Family Contribution Calculator is designed for use by students who live in, or are citizens of, the U.S. or Canada. This calculator allows you to email your results to the Financial Aid Office, if you’d like to have an informed consultation with a member of our staff.
If you are a Canadian citizen, please refer to this helpful tip sheet for guidance in answering questions in the College Board Expected Family Contribution Calculator for a closer estimate of your family contribution. Be sure to convert Canadian Dollars to U.S. Dollars using this currency converter.
Please note that the College Board EFC Calculator results are designed to provide families with an estimate and the College Board EFC calculation is not tied into Hamilton’s institutional methodology in determining a family's contribution. Keep in mind that while this tool provides an estimate, the Office of Financial Aid will ultimately determine your financial aid eligibility with more complete information. If you have questions about the estimate produced by the College Board EFC Calculator, contact the Financial Aid Office.


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