Full grants provide funding to study or to conduct research at a foreign institution. Language proficiency may be required for some host countries. Over 100 countries participate in the program. Level of competition will vary between countries, opportunities to receive fellowships are often related to the ‘popularity’ of the country.

Teaching assistantships to teach English are available in France, Germany, Austria, and Korea. In France, Austria and Germany, preference is given to candidates who plan careers in teaching French or German language. No Korean language skills are required to teach English in Korea.


Must be U.S. citizen


One year.


Campus Deadline: September
National Deadline: October


Grants generally provide round-trip transportation; language or orientation courses, where appropriate; tuition, book and resource allowances; maintenance for academic year based on living costs in the host country; and supplemental health and accident insurance.

Selection Process

Selection is based on academic achievement, language proficiency (relative to the requirements of the host country), the feasibility of the program of study, and personal qualifications. All Fulbright candidates receive an on-campus interview in early October. All applications are forwarded to the Institute of International Education (administrators of the fellowship), NYC. Applications are reviewed by the national committees (composed of U.S. college professors). In late January, candidates are notified of their status, recommended or not recommended. Recommended candidates' applications are forwarded to host countries for review. This can be a long process and recommended candidates may not know their final status late spring.

Visit the Fulbright Website for more information.

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