Elihu Root Original Documents

Original documents and letter corrospondense have been made available from the Hamilton College Achieves. The documents include original notes while Root attended New York University, to letters from President Roosevelt during Root's term as Secretary of War, to praises from Andrew Carnegie following Root's selection as a Nobel Peace Prize Recipient. His determination and successes have been highlighted through the following documents:

Root's Notes from law classes, New York University, mid-1860s.

Root's Appeal to Carnegie on Behalf of Hamilton, 1902.

Carnegie's Response to Roots' Appeal, 1902.

Former Hamilton College President Stryker courts Carnegie, 1902.

Resolution to Accept Carnegie's Gift, 1903.

Letter to President Roosevelt from Cuban Government, 1904.

President Roosevelt Letter to Root, 1905.

Letter to Carnegie from Root, 1908.

Carnegie's Letter to Stryker, Making Pledge on Behalf of Root, 1909.

Letter to Root from Byran, Congradulating on Nobel Peace Prize, 1914.

Letter to Root from Carnegie, Praising Root as President of the Carnegie Endowment for Peace, 1915.