Elihu Root Society


To organize an affinity association of Hamilton College graduates in honor of one of the College's most significant alumni, Elihu Root of the Class of 1864.  Having established himself as one of New York City's leading corporate attorneys, Mr. Root became one of the most successful public servants in American history, serving as Secretary of War and Secretary of State, represented New York as a United States Senator for six years, was a world leader in the development of international law, and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1912.  In his memory, the Association would focus on the legal profession, government service and international law and justice.


The Elihu Root Society would provide a unique forum to develop and maintain contacts among the diverse group of alumni who share the dual bond of Hamilton College and interest in domestic and international law and public service.  The society would foster meaningful dialog on important legal, social and economic issues affecting the global community.  The Society would sponsor educational programs that would feature prominent persons.  The Society would seek to maintain strong ties with the College's faculty and undergraduates, and sponsor lectures, symposia and other projects at the College to honor Mr. Root and to expose the College community to the legal profession, government service and careers in international law.  


The Society would have a volunteer board which would plan and sponsor the Society's activities and programs.  The board would develop the Society's operating by-laws, elect the Society's officers and establish standing committees reflecting the varied professional and social interests of the Society's members.  The Society would meet at least once annually to review developments affecting members, and permit the board to elect officers to lead the Society and to set its short term plans and long-term goals.


The Society could sponsor lectures by distinguished alumni and others, and seminars on thought-provoking subjects of interest to members.  Social and networking events are also an appropriate possibility.  Other options are special awards to distinguished lawyer alumni, a directory, a newsletter, a speaker series, regional meetings and group legal projects.