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February Heart Month Programming

February is National Heart Month! Review the array of heart-health focused education, events, and trainings that will be available on campus this month!

The Continental Challenge

4-week Nutrition and Wellness initiative

Embark on a journey to BE HEALTHIER. Four exciting weeks of transformation in this challenge is designed to help you reduce body fat and increase muscle, or simply put, lose weight and feel better. Start building momentum towards an improved body composition and overall health landscape through this partnership with Mohawk Valley Wellness, one of the premier group training facilities in the region. Program begins February 5th.

Heart Health Screening

Monday, February 12th 8:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

Heart health screenings are offered once per semester, free of charge, through the Bassett Healthcare Network's division of Occupational Health. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. Knowing your numbers is an instrumental step in understanding your current heart health status and a great way to provide a road map of important next steps to improve any areas of concern. Employees will receive a blood pressure reading, cholesterol and glucose level assessment, basic physical metrics analysis, and on-the-spot review of all results with a medical provider. 15 minutes is all it will take to establish your cardiac profile! Registration is required. Repeat assessments are encouraged to evaluate changes.

Hamilton Women’s Health Forum

Focus group: Jan 10th, Feb 7th, March 6th, April 3rd, May 1st, 2023

Join us as Menopause Moment community established in the fall of 2023 is being renewed and expanded as the Hamilton Women’s Health Forum with Nurse Coach, Maureen Hughes. This platform will meet monthly for an educational keynote topic, along with plenty of Q&A and discussion to learn strategies to obtain the best outcomes related to female health of all ages. It is now time to gain agency over our unique health and wellness by continuing this journey to empower ourselves and one another. The stage of menopause will remain a focus but this group is certainly not limited to those in that current stage! Women's health is just as unique before or after, and participating HWHF can benefit your current health and wellness practices regardless of age. Meetings are held via Zoom once monthly on the first Wednesday, from 7 p.m. - 8 p.m. Please register below for calendar invites, emails, and Zoom links. All informational sessions are recorded and available for distribution after each event!

Wellness Coaching

Maureen Hughes is a registered Nurse turned Nurse Coach now available to Hamilton employees for 1-on-1 Wellness coaching with a medical perspective. As a nurse coach, Maureen believes the key to wellness is seeing each person as the sum of their parts and individual story. Her goal is to empower her clients to gain agency over their health and live life to their fullest potential, regardless of their medical conditions. She will work with clients to create a manageable action plan to bridge the gap from where they are to where they want to be as it relates to their wellbeing. Her work focuses on various health issues, including diabetes management, weight loss, and stress management.

Personal Training

Looking to take your health and fitness journey to the next level and need some extra help? Consider working with a Personal Trainer right here on campus where it is most convenient for you!

Previous Initiatives

The Menopause Moment Focus Group

Women's Focus Group Oct 18th, Nov 7th, & Nov 15th, 2023 7-8pm

In recognition of menopause "having a moment" of revived importance with deeper patient education, understanding its impact on women in the workplace (especially higher education), and the need to establish positive coping cultures, Hamilton Wellness is launching our inaugural Menopause Moment focus group. This 3-part series is designed to educate, collaborate and support our Hamilton community. Beginning on National Menopause Day, October 18th! Maureen Hughes will lead an educational presentation on a focus area for that session, followed by discussion with Q&A

Fall into Wellness Challenge

The “Fall into Wellness” challenge is a month-long wellness initiative for October inspired by the change in seasons. The primary goal of the individual challenge is to accomplish a small Wellness goal each day. By successfully instituting “micro” goals within five Wellness categories over a period of time, you just might find habit change can be accomplished in small ways that really add up!


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