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What can I do with this degree?

The following resource was compiled by the University of Tennessee and reflects a wide range of majors at colleges and universities nationwide. Concentrations in bold represent those areas of academic study here at Hamilton College. However, resources for non-Hamilton majors may be helpful if you are exploring a career represented by that major (i.e., advertising or finance.)

Disclaimer: Please note that the websites listed under "Links" are not maintained by the Career Center but are provided as a convenience to students.



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/Archaeology PDF
/Archaeology Links
Art PDF Art
Art Links
Biochemistry PDF Biochemistry
Biochemistry Links
Biological Sciences PDF Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences Links
Chemistry PDF Chemistry
Chemistry Links
Classics PDF Classics
Classics Links
Communication Studies PDF Communication Studies
Communication Studies Links
Computer Science PDF Computer Science
Computer Science Links
Economics PDF Economics
Economics Links
English PDF English
English Links
Environmental Studies
/Sciences PDF
Environmental Studies
Environmental Studies
/Sciences Links
Foreign Language PDF Foreign Language
Foreign Language Links
Geology PDF Geology
Geology Links
History PDF History
History Links
Mathematics PDF Mathematics
Mathematics Links
Music PDF Music
Music Links
Philosophy PDF Philosophy
Philosophy Links
Physics PDF Physics
Physics Links
Political Science
& Government PDF
Political Science
& Government
Political Science
& Government Links
Psychology PDF Psychology
Psychology Links
Religious Studies PDF Religious Studies
Religious Studies Links
Sociology PDF Sociology
Theater PDF Theater
Women's Studies PDF Women's Studies
Women's Studies