Wednesday, Second Week in Advent

The angel Gabriel said to Mary, "Nothing is impossible with God."
Then Mary said, "Here am I, the servant of the Lord; let it be with me according to your word."

-- Luke 1:37, 38

The True Magic of Christmas Really Isn’t Magic at All


Consider the true magic of Christmas
Is it the giving?
The brilliant dance of sparkling lights?
Time spent with friends and family
Exchanging merriment, love, and songs?
The cheerful greetings and awaited genuine hugs?
Festive food-filled celebrations?
Travel for reunions, vacations, generations convened in fun?
Consider the true magic of Christmas
And before too very long
You will have exhausted all of the natural trappings
And paused to contemplate the cause
The cause of Christmas
The true magic, the meaning and beyond

Soon you uncover the core of the matter
The magic of Christmas really isn’t magic at all
Rather an eternally magnificent miracle
Highly celebrated in awe
Miracle of all miracles
The coming of Christ
King of Kings… Lord of Lords

The true magic of Christmas
Wrapped in the advent defined as a coming into being
Rather than Advent the event
Celebrated by tradition annually
The true magic is advent
A divine process beyond scientific nature
Miraculous occurrence
Take pause for this cause
And worship
Take pause and worship God
Not just the coming of Christ
But the actual physical incarnation of Christ the King
Christ Immanuel, God with us in human form
Seemingly magical layering
The incarnation of God into man
As a helpless baby
Immaculately conceived
Fulfilling virgin birth at prophecy’s command

What a most incredible MIRACLE achieved
Against nature’s law
Not subject to scientific explanation
Instead the mighty work of our amazing God!
No, the true magic of Christmas really isn’t magic at all
Rather, miracle of all miracles!
True advent in its highest form!

-- by Roxanne Bellamy Campbell
Adjunct Chaplain for Multicultural Communities