English for Speakers of Other Languages

Barbara Britt-Hysell

The ESOL office is located In Buttrick Hall, the Garden Level.
201F Methods of Tutoring English to Speakers of Other Languages

Prepares students to perform as ESOL tutors by providing a discussion of the practical approaches, methods and techniques tutors use in classroom settings. Using a communicative curriculum that emphasizes function over form, this course addresses language teaching methods, interactive strategies for integrated learning for non-native speakers or English language learners and limited English proficient students. Discussion of the concept of culture helps tutors recognize the influence of culture on patterns of thinking and behaving, and language acquisition. The course provides students with the Hamilton College ESOL Tutor Certificate of Completion. Fifteen lecture hours and 20 field study and/or service learning hours required. One-quarter course credit.

Maximum enrollment, 18. Britt-Hysell.

301S Seminar in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages

Addresses the general principles of language acquisition and pedagogy for teaching English to non-native speakers as a second or foreign language. Specific classroom application of principles and guidelines are emphasized through lesson and unit plan development. Themes are taught interactively, creating a collaborative learning environment that facilitates communicative language teaching focusing on student-to-student interaction and learning. Students finish the course with an experiential and theoretical understanding of how to facilitate a quality ESOL classroom. Prerequisite, permission of instructor. Three lecture hours and three field study and/or service learning hours per week.  The course provides students with the Hamilton College ESOL Teacher Certificate of Completion.

Maximum enrollment, 18. Britt-Hysell.