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November 2011

Barsha Baral '13

Role at the Emerson Gallery: Gallery Attendant
Concentration: Biochemistry
Minor: Art
Hometown: Pokhara, Nepal


What is your favorite gallery moment?

During Fall 2010, I was completely absorbed in the music the monks composed while simultaneously destroying the sand mandala they built over three days time. According to them, everything bad and evil was projected into the mandala in a beautiful way, but it had to be destroyed at last.


When you are not working at the gallery what are you up to?

I am either doing my organic chemistry problem set with my friends in the library, roaming around taking pictures or sitting in the grass on a field near G[riffin]-Road  while sketching.


Tell us about your favorite exhibition at the Emerson Gallery?

The current exhibition, Learning to Look: Hamilton's Cabinets, Galleries and Museums Past, Present and Future is my favorite exhibition. I found a wonderful way to spend my summer of 2011, besides doing my science research, by helping Susanna White and Professor Frank Sciacca. We even went to New York State Museum in Albany to discover that Oren Root, once a Hamilton graduate and Professor of Mineralogy and Mathematics, had collected valuable minerals like Kimberlite.  Kimberlite is a volcanic rock that contains diamonds. Oren Root was the first to find this fact, as well as the mineral, in the whole New York state.


What about art?  Do you have a favorite medium?

My favorite medium of art is charcoal. However, I am recently discovering my fascination for digital photography as well.


If you could have any artist create your portrait whom would you choose?

A couple of years ago, I read a book called Eleven Minutes by a Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho, where the main character falls in love with Ralf, a young Swiss painter, who sees her "inner light" and paints her. The idea of being able to see things beyond just physical appearance fascinates me. I would probably choose a friend who knows me to create my portrait.


How about music? Which musician or band would you most like to hear perform Charissima?

Probably the band Dispatch. Their songs are so soothing.