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Student Spotlight

February 2011

Joshua Orndorff '11

Role at the Emerson Gallery: Gallery Attendant
Concentration: Public Policy
Minor: Anthropology
Hometown: Rio, West Virginia

What is your favorite gallery moment?

I got to spend several hours at the gallery during the week that the Tibetan monks constructed their sand mandala. It was amazing to watch them work, communicate, and create while learning about and observing their culture and customs. Their skill, patience, and endurance were unlike anything I’ve seen before.

When you are not working at the gallery what are you up to?

I spend the majority of my free time training for track, listening to music, playing video games, and hanging out with my fraternity brothers and teammates. Away from Hamilton I spend almost all of my time in the outdoors hunting, fishing, shooting and riding ATVs.


Tell us about your favorite exhibition at the Emerson Gallery?

I’ve always enjoyed the senior show at the end of the year. There are a lot of interesting pieces and it’s nice to see the work of Hamilton students on display. During the course of the year, many of us don’t get to see any of these pieces, or more generally what goes on inside of List, and the senior show is a great opportunity for the Hamilton community to see what its student are capable of.


What about art?  Do you have a favorite medium?

Metal – There are so many things you can do with it: weld, cut, bend, sculpt, and my personal favorite, engrave.


If you could have any artist create your portrait whom would you choose?

Leonardo da Vinci. The man could do it all – build, design, paint, sculpt and invent. I’m sure he could come up with something that would encompass all of the different aspects of my life. Plus the portrait would be worth a lot.


How about music? Which musician or band would you most like to hear perform Charissima?

Without a doubt I would love to hear a Rise Against (my favorite band) rendition of Charissima. I don’t know if it would sound good but I can guarantee it would be loud.