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Sharon Rippey

View Arts Center opens new LEED certified facility

Jennifer Potter Hayes K'72 is the Executive Director of View, a multi-arts center in Old Forge, New York. She says,  "we moved into our new 28,000 sq. foot LEED certified facility.  The grand opening season was a huge success.   Despite the challenges of running a non-profit, I love this job!   It only took me 38 years from graduation to get a job in the arts!"

Susan Hartman K'74 Presents Photography Event June 6

Susan Hartman K'74 is hosting a photography event at The powerHouse Arena in Dumbo (Brooklyn) on Sunday, June 6 at 5 p.m. Thomas Roma, who has focused his lens on his native Brooklyn for decades, using cameras he built himself, will be presenting his work and signing copies of his books including Pictures for Books. The chair of Columbia University's photo department, he has published 12 books and twice received Guggenheim Fellowships. His work is in numerous collections including MOMA and The Art Insititute of Chicago. 

Patricia F. Goldsmith Named Vice President of Advancement

Patricia F. Goldsmith has been named vice president of   advancement for Scripps College Goldsmith most recently served as the College's vice president for enrollment,  marketing, and communication. More...





Lisa Uvanni Tannenbaum K'76

Lisa Uvanni Tannenbaum reports: " Last year I joined Coldwell Banker Commercial in addition to CB Residential..........It's good to be diversified! And, yes, the real estate market in northern New Jersey is definately improving. My son, Alexander, is a budding musician (you tube Alex Tannenbaum) and my daughter Cassandra is a sophmore at the New School.  She is already on her way to a career in photojournalism as she just finished six months at National Geographic. So, life is good!

Ellen Chereskin Klosson K'72 Directs Psychoanalytic Institute

Ellen Chereskin Klosson is nearing the end of her three year term as Institute Director of her psychoanalytic institute, The Psychoanalytic Training Program of The New York Freudian Society, Washington Division, where she is a training and supervising analyst. Ellen majored in psychology and then earned her Ph.D. from  Princeton University and did Post-Doctoral Retraining in 1983 from The George Washington University. She lives in Maryland with her husband, Peter. They have a daughter, Emily.

WendyEllen Schacknow Cochran K'75

WendyEllen is pictured here with her children and grandson at San Francisco's Carnaval last May.

WendyEllen Cochran majored in biology and dance at Kirkland and then went on to earn a Master of Fine Arts from the University of Michigan Ann Arbor. Currently, she is teaching health, physical education and dance to all 900 students at Washington Manor Middle School in San Leandro, California and continues to perform with various Brazilian, Haitian, African and Spanish groups.


Linda Mensch K'73 Profiled in Leading Lawyers Magazine

Linda Mensch majored in Comparative Literature at Kirkland and then went on to earn her J.D. from New York University. According to her recent profile in Leading Lawyers magazine, "Mensch has been Chicago's go-to lawyer for entertainment matters." Linda reports that she is working on TV and movie projects, along with her "usual hiphop/ r&b music crowd." More...


Kate Emlen K'72 Gives Art Show and Talk

Kate Emlen who majored in literature at Kirkland College and earned an MFA from Yale will have give a talk on her show "Red Point Paintings" Thursday, March 25, 6 - 8 p.m. at the Prince Street Gallery, 530 West 25th Street, 4th floor in New York.

"Frozen Pantoum" by Jo Pitkin K'78

Frozen Pantoum by Jo Pitkin K'78 was recently published in WaterWrites: A Hudson River Anthology. Her poem "Farmers & Drovers" will appear this spring in the anthology, In the Black/In the Red: Poems of Profit and Loss edited by Gloria Vando and Philip Miller (Helicon Nine Editions). Jo is currently researching and writing profiles for an upcoming volume in the series America's Notable Women from Apprentice Shop Books.


Martha Minor Hawley K'73 Blogging from The Netherlands

Read and enjoy Martha Hawley's blog "Life Before News." The most recent entry "Let's be Civilized" begins....
From the rough graffiti displayed on January 30 to – by reassuring coincidence - an elegant anarchist cocoon: "Coming soon…" is the full text on the English-language webpage of the Library I entered on the day when the Dalai Lama and Barack Obama appeared together on front pages of newspapers everywhere. If you like that 19th-century polished wood sensation, this Library is a beautiful place, with a reading room seating 24, books locked behind well-cleaned glass, a conference room for public events and the Director's office still sheltering a pianola (nostalgic and silent in our times; as innovative as the Library and its new collection back in the day), the only visual reminder of the space's original purpose as a music room, where pianos and sheet music were at the disposal of any visitor who cared to drop in and play a few bars.

Judy Silverstein Gray K'78 Helps Haiti

Judy Silverstein Gray and her husband, Rich, serve with Operation Rainbow a non-profit organization offering orthopedic surgery gratis for indigent children and young adults in developing countries. Volunteers respond to community need, often in the wake of man-made or natural disasters. Given the scope of the Haitian earthquake, Operation Rainbow was asked to send surgical teams to the border town of Jimani, Domincan Republic . The camp where teams have been based since Jan. housed nearly 250 refugees, functioned as a makeshift pediatric and adult hospital, Intensive Care Unit and served as an operating facility for survivors of the Haitian earthquake.  See images and stories from Haiti.

Susan Hartman K'74 Collaborates on Documentary Project

Susan Hartman, a journalist, has been working with a team of three award-winning photographers and a videographer on a documentary project, based on her New York Times cover story, Jump Rope Girls, 20 Years On.  The project has been following three remarkable young Brooklyn women.  Susan has known these young women—and written about them—since they were 11. The project includes, Destiny's Sweet Sixteen, a video. More...


Jennifer Potter Hayes K'73 Named Executive Director of The Arts Guild of Old Forge, Inc.

Jennifer Potter Hayes has been appointed executive director of The Arts Guild of Old Forge, Inc. She earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in studio art and art history from Kirkland College and went on to receive her Master of Arts degree in public administration from the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University.  She was employed as Assistant to the President and Registrar of Hamilton College, and later Director of Alumni Programs. More...


Painting by Raye Leith K'78 in The New York Times

A portrait of Martin Luther King, Jr. painted by Raye Leith (aka Deb Osserman) recently appeared in a photograph in The New York Times The photo accompanied an article about the Obama family's volunteer service at SOME (So That Others Might Eat) in Washington, D.C. on the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday. In the photograph, the president is shown next to the portrait as he is greeting and serving the homeless. Leith recently donated the painting to the service organization which works to serve the needs of the homeless. To view the article, visit www.rayeleith.com.

In celebration of Valentine's Day, Kirkland alumnae shared their stories. Read and enjoy...

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