Kirkland Alumnae

Sharon Rippey

The Kirkland College Pioneers

Last fall we began work on the Kirkland Pioneers Project- a collection of posters with 50-word bios and now/then images from Kirkland women. We displayed 53 of these posters at the Bicentennial Kick-off weekend garnering great comments from alumnae, faculty, staff, current students, and their parents. The project has since been displayed in its poster form and digitally at regional events around the country. It is always well received; the then/now photos are invariably a hit, and the conversations sparked by the project are scintillating and valuable.

The Kirkland Pioneers Project highlights what the college meant to us. It offers a glimpse into each personal narrative of the women who attended Kirkland college. The project also helps enhance vital (and missing) information for the Kirkland Archive and for future scholars.

The Kirkland Pioneers Project is a celebration of the accomplishment of the outstanding women who had a hand in shaping the college. As artists, humanitarians, writers, journalists, physicists, mothers, investors, dancers, lawyers, consultants, yogis, activists, and teachers, our impact has been significant. The more we share our stories, the better we can connect with with the current generation of students on the Hill, delineate our place in history, and provide documentation for historic research and future generations.

Kirkland alums, Hamilton alums, friends, faculty, staff and, current students have enjoyed the project to date. It has fostered connections between all those invested in Kirkland’s legacy and those interested in the history. It makes a critical link between documentation and who we are, in our own words. Kirkland’s influence is deeply felt on The Hill, and the bicentennial has inspired a passion for our history, 

This is where you come in.

Please add your bio (and full-length curriculum vitae) to the Pioneers Project. Our contributions tell a more complete story of Kirkland and the women who were educated there.

Submission Criteria: Craft a 50-word bio that may include any of these elements:

• awards, honors, degrees
• community service
• family
• something about your Kirkland experience, why you chose the school, and how it continues to impact your life or career

You can be as creative as you wish. This can be a stream of consciousness, a Haiku, or traditional listing. But please respect the word limit. Please also include a cell phone and email address so we can contact you with any questions. We encourage you to include a website address, if you have one and to forward this to the families of deceased Kirkland friends as well. We can provide samples, to help with  inspiration. We can also assist you with editing and writing, since we know first hand how challenging this can feel.

Bios, resumes, and imagery can be sent to karchive@hamilton.edu. Any questions or need some inspiration? Reach out to members of the Archives, Media and Publications Committee for Kirkland College via email: karchive@hamilton.edu and we’ll be glad to help. Your email comes directly to us.   

The deadline for submissions is April 30th.