Kirkland Alumnae

Sharon Rippey

Dear Classmates and fellow Kirkland Alumnae,

With family in Syracuse, I get a chance to visit the Hill more often than many of you.  It’s always a pleasure, especially since I often meet someone I didn’t know or who hasn’t returned to the campus in years.  At this April’s Volunteer Weekend, Jean McGavin, Cathy Fahey and Carolyn York joined me and other members of the Alumni Council and Committee for Kirkland College.  We also got to meet delightful students – including some daughters and sons of Kirkland alums – and share stories, memories and insights with them.

In addition to the Committee for Kirkland College-sponsored Bicentennial College and Mentoring Brunch two inspiring occasions took place:

 Dedication of the The Days-Massolo Center, which serves as a gathering place for students and faculty members to engage in ongoing examinations of their similarities and differences. Hamilton students increasingly reflect the broader composition of our country and the world, and it is quite an asset to have the Center’s support services and programming available to all.
 Professor of Religious Studies Jay Williams ’54, who will retire this year, received the Alumni Council’s Distinguished Service Award. Those who took class with him may enjoy Professor Williams’ Web profile, as well as his recollections of Kirkland College.

Some upcoming events of interest:

On campus, September 23-25, 2011 will be a combined Fallcoming, Family Weekend and NESCAC Festival – and the kickoff to Hamilton’s Bicentennial year.

It’s great to be able to reach you all with this Spring Update, and I hope you’ve also enjoyed the letters and articles from other committee members over the past few months. If you’re unable to visit the old campus, there are others ways to share your Kirkland spirit:  send your updates and news to Kirkland Matters (write Joanne Papanek Orlando ’74 jrporlando@cox.net).  Or pay a visit to http://www.kirklandalums.org to peruse our online archives, and add your memories to our page on Storychip.

Wherever Kirkland women gather, there's sure to be stimulating conversation, illuminating ideas and much news to share.  Please contact me if you want to learn more getting involved with developing events, on-campus or off. And if you know someone who isn’t receiving these messages but would like to, please share my email with them:  jenmorris@alumni.hamilton.edu.

Best wishes,

Jennie Morris '72