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Levitt Summer Research Fellows

2011 Levitt Summer Research Fellows

Wlajimir Alexis '13 and Rodric Waugh '13 and Associate Professor of Philosophy Todd Franklin
The Impact of Co-Curricular Field Trips on Middle Schoolers in the District of Columbia
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Henry Anreder '12 and Professor of Government Steve Orvis
Comparative Effectiveness of Governmental Agencies and Non-Governmental Organizations in the Assistance of African Refugees in Israel
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Scott Blosser '12 and Professor of History Doug Ambrose
Federalism and the Problem of State Debt: The Debate over and Lessons of the Federal Assumption of State Debt
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Thomas Cheeseman '12 and Professor of History Doug Ambrose
The Naked Public Square? The New Natural Law Movement's Impact on Public Morality
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Yinghan Ding '12 and Lecturer in Economics Margaret Morgan-Davie
Challenges in Climate Finance: How to Ensure a Measurable, Reportable, and Verifiable Support to Climate Action in Developing Countries

Mihai Dohotaru '13 and Professor of Economics Christopher Georges
The Housing Bubble and the US Labor Market after the ‘Great Recession'
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Noah Ford '13 and Professor of Economics Paul Hagstrom
The Effects of Local Networks on First and Second Generation Immigrant Entrepreneurs in the United States
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Jasmina Hodzic '13 and Henry Platt Bristol Professor of International Affairs Alan Cafruny
Bosnia's Time to Govern: Overcoming International Supervision in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Austin Walker '12 and Professor of Government Steve Orvis
Development Perspectives: The Lost Voices of Kenyan Youth
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