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Burke Library Summer Construction Updates

Please contact the Circulation Department at askcirc@hamilton.edu
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Library Floor Plans with Carpeting Zones

First Floor
Second Floor


July 22, 2012

Despite a brief delay, we are still working ahead of schedule.  The only parts left to put down new carpeting are the main stair cases!  The All Night Reading Room has been finished, and we’re moving people back into their offices as quickly as we can.  The vending machines will be hooked back up on Monday.  The stairs from the second to the third floor are off limits for now, pending new carpet.  The old carpet was removed, leaving a lot of dust and debris, and we would prefer it didn’t get tracked on the new carpet.  You can use the side stairwells or the elevator to access the third floor.

July 16, 2013

We are starting to re-carpet the main stairwells in Burke Library. Please plan on using the elevator to access the second and third floors.

July 15, 2013

The Main Entrance to Burke Library is now re-opened!  The carpet is down, and we are slowly moving back into our workspaces.

Thank you for your patience.  All that is left is moving staff back into some offices, and re-carpeting the All Night Reading Room and the main stairwells.

July 2, 2013

The main entrance to Burke Library has been temporarily changed to accommodate the carpeting project!  Please follow the signs indicating the use of the door to the All Night Reading Room, directly to the right of the main doors.  The Circulation and Interlibrary Loan Departments have been temporarily moved to the All Night Reading Room as well.

June 30, 2013

We are moving right along on the first floor.  The Couper Classroom walls have been reconstructed, and we are moving furniture back into place.  The labs will remain closed, even though you may see computers returning to the tables.  Look for email announcing that the computers are back and ready for use.

The current periodical shelves, currently located by the main stairwell, are moving over toward the reference books.  The Browsing Collection and the Brooks Collection will also be moving near the reference shelves.  We are looking forward to installing some comfortable seating in that area.

While we prepare for the front of the library to be recarpeted, Circulation and Interlibrary Loan, and the main entrance to the building, will be moving to the All Night Reading Room.  Just follow the signs for the correct entrance to the library.

The recarpeting of the entrance area of Burke is when things are going to get a little more interesting. Please be patient with us!

June 16, 2013

As some of you already know, the second floor is done and reopened for business.  The first floor, however, is a different story!  We have started recarpeting the area north of the main stairwell where the public computers and the Couper Classroom were located.  The furniture, microform machines and computers in this area have been broken down and stored for the time being.  Public computers can be found on the second and third floors, along with scanners and printers.  The photocopiers are still temporarily located on the south wall of the second floor.

The main stairs to the basement are not accessible while we work in that area. Please use the elevator.

June 14, 2013

The second floor will be finished early in the week, and then the work on the first floor will begin.  All of the computer furniture and the Couper Classroom have been dismantled and stored to one side.  Carpeting will begin on the east side of the building, moving west toward the reference shelves. 

The public photocopiers will be located on the south corner of the second floor.  All of the materials on the second floor will be accessible again.  The All Night Reading Room will remain closed overnight and weekends until we can put the public computers back in Zone 3. 

Macintosh computers are located on the second floor for public use.  Windows machines are located on the first floor by the elevator, and the third floor by the Help Desk. 

Please ask for help at the Circulation Desk if you need assistance.

June 6, 2013

Zone 1 is now finished, and the furniture and Aldridge Windows have been moved back into place.  Zone 2 is being recarpeted now, and books will be inaccessible at times.  Please ask for assistance at the Circulation Desk. 

On Monday, June 10, we will begin to remove all of  the computers and on the first floor, Macintosh and Windows, storing them in the All Night Reading Room.  This includes the machines in the Couper Classroom.  There will be no public computing on the first floor for approximately three weeks. There is a pod of computers on the second floor near the elevator and on the third floor near the Help Desk for public use.  The microfilm/microfiche machines will also be inaccessible during this time.

The photocopiers will be located on the southwest corner of the second floor.

The bathrooms and the vending machines in the All Night Reading Room will be accessible while the library is open, but there will be no overnight or weekend access to that area.

May 31, 2013

The carpeting project is moving along as planned.  Zone 1 will be done by Tuesday afternoon, and Zone 2 work will begin shortly thereafter.   The furniture will be moved back into the main reading area of the second floor Monday morning.  Carpet will start to be removed in the area behind the elevator early in the week.

As carpet is now being placed in the stack aisles on the second floor, certain areas will be inaccessible at times.  Please ask at the Circulation Desk if you need materials from the second floor, and we can advise you about current access.

The main staircase will be open for business starting Monday afternoon.  The elevator may be open to the second floor at times, but we encourage you to use the stairs for the time being.

We are still putting some finishing touches on the upgrade, but ALEX, the library catalog, is up and running.

May 29, 2013

The carpet folk are in the process of putting down our new carpet!  Yea!!!  While they are working on the main reading area of the second floor, please refrain from accessing the 2nd floor via the elevator or the main staircase.  The side stairwells on the east and west sides of the building are fine, but do not go into the carpet-less, potentially glue-y areas for today.

May 28-31, 2013

Recarpeting will begin Tuesday, May 28 on the second floor, moving from the east wall by the men’s bathroom to the west, beyond the stairs.  The area will be inaccessible for only a short period of time, but please feel free to ask us to retrieve materials for you. Circulation has moved all books up off the bottom shelves. Most books are still on the shelf in their call number order, but some maybe stored in a library classroom due to overcrowded stacks.  If you cannot find a book, please ask at the Circulation Desk.

Physical Plant will also be drilling into the floor of the Browsing Room for new flat electrical outlets. It will be loud.

There will be a floor plan posted at the library entrance indicating what areas are under construction each week.

The Circulation Department will be doing faculty deliveries Tuesday and Thursday mornings starting May 28, 2013.

Also, as you may have already heard, ALEX (the library catalog) will be down for maintenance Tuesday-Wednesday, May 28-29. You may still check our holdings using the ConnectNY Catalog (http://encore.connectny.info).

The main stairwells going up and down to the second floor will be inaccessible while they are ripping up the carpeting. Please plan on using the elevator or the stairwells on the east and west sides of the building.