Meditation space in Wally J
Meditation space in Wally J

Wallace Johnson is a residence hall for 20 first-year students who want to begin their college experience mindfully. A common space for meditation and silent reflection, a kitchen for mindful cooking, and various mindfulness-based programs and activities, – plus a community of like-minded peers who value living with intention – is what makes this residence hall and first-year experience different from any other.

First-year students who are interested must select the Mindfulness Community option on the housing application/questionnaire. See more info on the Community Living website.

Insights from Residents

Wallace-Johnson Hall Resident

“Living in a small house was such a unique experience that really highlights Hamilton’s close community. It felt homey and cozy, and I loved being able to come back from a crazy day to a peaceful house. I got to live with students I may not have met otherwise and was exposed to activities offered on campus that helped my transition to college.”

Wallace-Johnson Hall Resident

“Joining a mindfulness dorm can make a significant difference to your experience living on campus. This is the first time I have participated in one and for me, the dorm was not overly noisy or busy, unlike some others. Although there were certainly gatherings and parties, they never disturbed anyone. I especially enjoyed getting to know my fellow residents. Most importantly, the programs were unique and fun. I remember doing yoga, journaling, meditating with the RA, attending dinners, studying with my friends, cooking, and baking. If I had to describe my experience in one word, it would be “calm”. Not lonely. Not boring. I certainly socialized a lot. It was just a peaceful environment where I felt productive and safe. It’s a great space to be a part of in any year but especially the first year!”

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