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Computer and AV Upgrades in Labs, Classrooms, and Facilities

by Chris Forte and Claire Skjellerup

In order to improve the usability and reliability of labs, classrooms, and other spaces, ITS made a number of changes during the annual computer and AV equipment replacement cycle.

In addition to the upgraded equipment, Audiovisual Services visited every classroom to test systems, clean projectors and podiums, and change lamps. It is always advised that you go to your classrooms and do a short run-through to check that everything functions as you expect. If you teach in one of these rooms and are not familiar with the new equipment, please give us a call Audiovisual Services (x4120) so we can schedule a technician meet you in your classroom to answer any questions. The major changes are:

Mac Labs and Classrooms

  • All computers have Mac OS X 10.7 "Lion" installed. Additional upgrades are noted below.

Windows Labs and Classrooms

  • Have new Windows 7 Dell PCs, most with new wide-format 22 inch HD monitors


  • Benedict 207 has a Mac Mini configured to dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows 7.

Burke Library

  • The classrooms in Burke Library (209, 211, 213 & 215) have new, brighter, high resolution, wide format data projectors.
  • Room 209 has also been upgraded to support movie intensive courses with a surround sound system, Blu-Ray, and code free DVD deck.
  • With the move of the Media Library collection to Burke Library, there are six new viewing stations in the Library.
    • They are equipped to play VHS tapes and DVDs including foreign DVD formats.
    • There are two viewing stations on the first floor and four stations in the basement; one station is equipped with a Blu-Ray player and one is equipped as a gaming station.


Photos by Claire Skjellerup

  • There are new 27 inch iMacs in the Multimedia Presentation Center.
  • The Couper Classroom on the 1st floor of Burke Library and Burke 001 in the basement of the Burke Library are now equipped with 27 inch iMacs configured to dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows 7.

CA Johnson

  • CA Johnson has five fully remodeled classrooms (222, 225, 305, 308 & 309). These rooms include new podiums, control systems, devices and projectors.  All are equipped with Macs that are configured to dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows 7.
  • Room 305, formally the Remote Collaboration Facility used for video conferencing, has been converted to a standard classroom. The new system includes a surround sound system, code free DVD, and Blu-Ray to support movie intensive courses. 
  • Since the RCF (Remote Collaboration Facility) is now a classroom, please contact AVS at x4120 or avs@hamilton.edu for assistance with video conferencing in your classroom.

Fillius Events Barn

  • The Events Barn has a new sound system installed that will be used for lectures, acoustic coffee houses, and other events.
  • Audiovisual Services will continue to support academic and administrative needs and the Student Activities Tech Crew will continue to support student events.

Kirner Johnson

  • The Writing Center and Levitt Center labs in KJ are now all Mac labs, following feedback gathered from students using those spaces and the college employees who manage them
  • The Bradford Auditorium (KJ 125) and the Red Pit (KJ 127) are now both configured to dual-boot Mac OS X and Windows 7.
    • In order to use the highest resolution settings available, we removed the Smart Sympodium annotation monitors from these spaces. The Smart annotation software is still available, and annotation via the mouse is still working.


  • There are new 27 inch iMacs in the Digital Arts Lab in List 220.

Molly Root

  • Molly Root 112 has a new data projector.

Taylor Science Center

  • The following rooms in the Science Center have been upgraded with brighter, high resolution, wide format data projectors: G042, 2015, 2048, 3019, 3021, and 3039.

Future New Spaces/Features

  • The Love Field/Pritchard Track will have a new sound system installed that should be completed soon after classes begin.
  • The classroom in the new Wellin Museum will be a 42 seat room with a full TE system including surround sound.
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