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Faculty Movie Requests

by Claire Skjellerup

AV has a variety of support options to meet your classroom and public screenings and movie intensive course needs.

Classroom Screenings

  • If you are interested in showing a movie to your class, please check ALEX (the Library catalogue) to see if it is available from Burke Library.
  • If the movie is not in the collection and you are showing it only to your class, the most cost effective method is usually to obtain the DVD from a source such as Amazon.com. You should email your request to asktobuy@hamilton.edu. If you are notified that the movie is not available to purchase on DVD or it is very expensive, you should next contact Claire Skjellerup, Audiovisual Services Coordinator (cskjelle or x4120) to inquire about the possibility of renting the movie.
  • In the event you will be absent for a classroom movie showing, AVS will provide a student worker to start a movie for your class. At the end of the movie, the AVS student worker will return the DVD to the Library for you. We will also provide this service for movie showings at night or on weekends when faculty cannot attend the screening themselves.
  • If you would like to show a movie that is an unusual format (i.e., 16mm) we will provide a projectionist.
  • Any faculty member who would like a “refresher” on how to operate the AV equipment in their classroom should call x4120 to set up an appointment with a technician.

Public Screenings

  • If you would like to show a movie that is open to the public and/or advertised on campus you will need to have a Public Performance License to do so.
  • Some movies in the Burke Library collection do have this license, but in most cases it will need to be purchased.
  • Requests and questions about a public movie screenings should be directed to Claire Skjellerup, AVS Coordinator (x4120) or Linda Brennan, Media Library Assistant (x4488). All student organizations should direct their questions and requests to the Student Activities office. 
  • In all cases, the sponsoring department or organization would be responsible for the cost of the license. The AVS movie budget only supports movie rentals for classroom screenings.

Movie Intensive Courses

  • If you will need a student to show the movies or if the movies need to be rented, please submit movie lists or course syllabi for movie intensive courses to Claire Skjellerup (cskjelle) as soon as possible.
  • Hamilton owned movies should be placed on reserve for your course. Speak with the circulation desk in Burke Library for more information about putting media on reserve.


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