Document Management Investigation Committee

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by Marty Sweeney

On February 6, a group representing broad areas of the campus came together to kickoff a project to research document management solutions for Hamilton.  Such electronic systems will allow us to capture, manage and modify, centrally store, preserve, and deliver content and documents related to organizational processes. 

The role of the committee is to:

  • Learn about document management systems
  • Begin to understand the ways in which this technology could benefit Hamilton, such as:
  1. Improved services to students, faculty, staff, alumni and donors
  2. Increased protection of student, employee, alumni, and donor data
  3. Availability and accessibility to data when and where you need it
  4. Collaboration opportunities via shared repositories
  5. Accuracy, consistency, efficiency, sustainability, and scalability
  6. Greater control and flexibility
  7. Less paper, less storage space, “greener” processes
  • Determine the best fit for Hamilton from the available systems on the market
  • Develop a cost estimate for the selected system
  • Make a recommendation of a system to Senior Staff

Committee members include: Sue Donegan, Melissa Rose, Regina Johnson, Kristin Friedel, Bill Huggins, Nikki Barbano, Steve Stemkoski, Shari Whiting, Irene Cornish, Katherine Collett, Carol Young, Maureen Scoones and Marty Sweeney.

If you have experience with document management systems or have questions or concerns that you want to make sure are addressed by the committee, please speak with the representative from your area or contact Maureen Scoones or Marty Sweeney in ITS.

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