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By Dave Smallen

As we all know, the world of technology is increasingly moving to mobile devices (e.g. smart phones, tablets) and wireless computing. At Hamilton, 99% of student have laptop computers, over 70%  have smartphones  and while a small percentage have tablet devices (15%) that number will likely continue to increase in the future as these devices become more capable as replacements for laptop computers or electronic textbooks become a viable option.

In 2011, Hamilton made its website mobile-friendly, automatically recognizing when a mobile device, such as an iPhone, was accessing it and presenting information in a more mobile-friendly fashion.  This approach allows all future web development to be accessible through mobile devices regardless of how mobile technologies change. 

Create Your Own Hamilton "App"

Actually, it's not an app you'll be creating, but a bookmark that you'll place on your home screen, side by side with your other apps. Try it!


  • Visit http://www.hamilton.edu in the Safari browser on your iPhone or http://www.hamilton.edu/mobile on your iPad or iPad Mini
  • Click the Forward icon   
    (at the bottom center of the screen on an iPhone or the top of screen, just to the left of the address bar on an iPad or iPad Mini), to bring up several options
  • Choose "Add to Home Screen"
  • Give the app a name, such as "Ham Mobile"
  • Click Add (top right)

Please Edit to add slideshow images

Please Edit to add slideshow images


  • Visit http://www.hamilton.edu from a Web browser
  • Bookmark the page
    • If you are using the Android browser, you click the bookmarks icon at the top right, then click "Add Hamilton..."
    • If you are using Chrome (newer version of Android), click the star in the location bar at the top
  • Go to your Bookmarks by clicking the icon at the top right
  • Long touch (press for 3 seconds) on the Hamilton bookmark
  • A menu will pop up.  Select "Add shortcut to home" or "Add to home screen"
  • Return to your home screen
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