How do I back up?

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If you are working directly off anywhere on ESS or the Academic server, your files are backed up on a nightly basis.

If you have decided it is best to store your files locally and then back them up, you have a couple of options:

Options for all users

  1. "Drag and drop" to COPY your files from one location to another.
  1. Right click (Ctrl + click on a Mac) on a folder or file and select Copy and then go to the destination folder, right click  (Ctrl + click on a Mac) and select Paste. Mac users see below for additional information.
  1. Work directly off one of the central servers (ESS or academic)
Please contact the ITS Help Desk (helpdesk@hamilton.edu, x4181) for assistance configuring your computer for this option.

Options for Windows Users

Use the backup and restore utility that is built into the Windows operating system.

 Options for Mac Users

Use the manual option or create an archive.


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