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ITS to Begin Loaning iPads

by Maureen Scoones

A small pool of five iPads will be made available to faculty or staff on a first-come, first served basis for short term use (up to two weeks) e.g., for use during conference travel, or just to try out. The goal of this short term loan is to expose employees to new tablet technology and different ways of thinking about the uses of technology. This program will also help in the exploration and identification of good apps. We are in the process of ordering the hardware and will communicate more information about making reservations in the near future.

For faculty who are interested in exploring the use of iPads in connection with their courses, they can submit a proposal for a semester or academic year loan  Our intent is to enable faculty to explore ways of improving the learning / research environment for their students.  There are initially ten iPads in the semester/academic year loaner pool. The evaluation of proposals began last week and will continue until the iPads have been allocated.  Applications will be reviewed by representatives of the library, ITS, and the Dean of Faculty. Participants will be selected and contacted starting the end of June.

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