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Tips & Tricks - Voice Mail

by David Swartz

Our voice mail system is loaded with features, many of which I’m sure are underused.  This article will show you a few features picked from among our most requested features  For a more comprehensive list of phone and voice mail features visit the ITS Employee Phone Services webpage.

Send a message directly to someone’s voice mail box

Express messaging:

  1. On campus dial x4809, off campus dial 859-4809.  
  2. Enter the mailbox number of the person you want to reach and press the # key
  3. You'll hear the person's greeting and then are given three options: 1 - cancel message, 2 - add more recipients, 3 - record your message

Regular messaging (also allows you to listen to your voice mail messages):

  1. On campus press the message key on your phone and enter your PIN as instructed; from off campus dial 859-4808 and follow the prompts to enter your extension number and PIN. 
  2. Once you have entered your voice mail box, dial 2 to enter the ‘Send Messages’ menu. 
  3. Follow the voice prompts to record a message and designate a destination extension(s).

Forward your phone to voice mail - Having a meeting in your office and don’t want your phone to ring? Would you like some time alone with your thoughts?  Why not send your phone directly to voice mail?  Make sure your phone is not currently in use.  Press the Forward key, dial 4808, press Forward again.  Now any calls to your extension will go straight into your voice mail.  TO cancel this feature just press Forward one more time.

My favorite voice mail feature - I receive a lot of spam phone calls from, you’ll never believe this, voicemail vendors.  Many of these messages have zero value and I can’t wait to delete them and get on with my day.  The voicemail system won’t allow you to delete a message while you’re listening to it though.  You can quickly scan through a message or fast forward directly to the end.  While listening to the message press 3 once to fast forward 10 seconds, quickly press 3 twice to fast forward to the end of a message.

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