Blackboard Upgrade

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by Deborah Reichler

We will be upgrading Blackboard at the end of June. This year's upgrade will feature a major interface change which you should find easier to navigate and more flexible. In addition, there are a number of small but useful improvements, such as a new email editor. You can see an early version here: http://bbls-test.hamilton.edu

When you enter any course in the new version, you will see a "Quick Start Guide" window open up.  Before you click Cancel, check out the following features, which will help you set up your course and explain many of the available tools:

  1. The first section allows you to change the course name and enter a description
  2. The second section allows you to select a course structure from the templates in the list on the left
  3. The third section allows you to choose a nifty color theme
  4. The fourth section contains links to tutorials about using various features of your course. Don't miss the "On Demand LearningCenter," featuring dozens of videos of processes from building a course to using the grade center to creating tests and surveys.
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