MSS and Software Server Update

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by Nikki Reynolds

If you have used either of these file storage resources in the past, please read more...

You may remember reading in February's newsletter that the Multimedia Storage Server (MSS) and the Software Server  (which actually stores files) are being retired from service this summer. They will be replaced with a single, larger storage sever named Academic (imaginative name, yes?)

When: Still to be determined, but probably in the July timeframe.

What do you need to do:

  • Edit your current space:
    • Review the space for material that is not needed any longer, or that may be needed sometime later, but you don't know when.
    • Take this stuff out of your MSS or Software Server\Academic space.
  • Be ready to tell us what has to be moved:
    • The current file structure for either Software Server or MSS may have folders that a simply irrelevant now. We don't want to move those, they'll only add to future confusion about who owns what.
    • There are some folders that you must have at some point in the next academic year. Be certain what those are. We'll be asking for specific input soon.
  • Stay tuned to your email this summer:
    • We'll be emailing updates and further instructions as we get closer to the "move and decommission" date.
  • Send us your suggestions for ways to accurately and efficiently make these moves:
    • You use these storage resources. You will have questions or ideas that can improve the outcome of this particular transition. Let us know about them.
    • Send email to nreynold@hamilton.edu with the subject: Academic Storage Server
    • Or phone 859-4091
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