Update on HR/Payroll System

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by Marty Sweeney

Planning for this project started back in July 2011 and the official project “kickoff” was held in September 2011.  Since that time, ITS has been working with members of the campus community to transition our current HR/Payroll system (Kronos) to a new system (Datatel - now called Ellucian - Colleague HR/Payroll).  The project team has been building the system in a “test” mode, creating all the needed components, and running many “test” payrolls to ensure everything is calculating properly.  Over the summer we will begin to build the “live” system and in the fall, begin a roughly three month process of running parallel payrolls, where all updates must be performed on both the old and the new system to compare every detail  in anticipation of the “go-live” date of January 1, 2013.

Since the new system is an expansion of our current central information system, (i.e. student and alumni data that we see in WebAdvisor, Blackboard, and the Alumni directory, to name a few), our options to get the systems talking to one another to provide timely and accurate data is greatly enhanced.  Along these same lines, we are already seeing many efficiency gains by using one central system.  Examples include;  1) not having to enter (and maintain) 800+ student employees  names and addresses in a second system and 2) not having to run extra processes to move payroll transactions into the Colleague General Ledger each month to be reflected in our books and in your budgets.  In addition to the benefits already mentioned, the new system will result in significant cost savings to Hamilton.

Transitioning to this new system will allow us to automate the payroll process for all hourly employees, including students. During the transition, the green, gray, or blue time sheets are still required to generate the payroll for hourly employees, but upon completion of this project, these handwritten sheets and manual calculations will simply be fading memories.  We will also be able to deliver your Pay Advices and W-2 online using WebAdvisor.  If you are not familiar with it, WebAdvisor is a self-service tool already used by students to register for classes, get class schedules, etc., and by faculty to obtain class rosters, advise students and enter grades.  Additional information about this process known as “Web Time Entry” will be coming your way in the future.

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