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HillConnect Upgrades

by Maureen Scoones

Have you noticed that your Hamilton email account is sporting a different look? Some items that Google announced earlier this year are soon going to become more permanent, e.g. Google Docs is becoming Google Drive, and soon, there will be a new compose and reply experience.

Google Docs becomes Google Drive

If you are a regular user of Google Docs and opted out of the initial Google Drive transition, you will now see a banner letting you know that the Google Docs look will be going away soon. 

Beginning November 15, users who have opted out automatically will be switched over to the new Drive Web interface.
Users can still switch back to the old Docs look (by clicking the gears icon and selecting ‘Temporarily use the old look”). Users who revert to the old look, will again see the banner advising them that the old look is going away.

Effective November 29, all users who have reverted to the old Docs look will be switched to the Drive web interface again for the last time.
At this time, the ability to switch back to the old Docs look will be disabled and the new Drive web interface will be mandatory for all users.

What's the same? What's changed? What's Completely New?

Google is rolling out an all-new version of Gmail compose and reply features

Please note:

  • Users must opt-in to use the new Gmail compose and reply features. The current compose and reply interface will continue to be the default.
  • Additional features will be released throughout the rollout.
  • Users can switch back to the old Gmail compose and reply interface, until the changes are made permanent.

Watch this short video to get a sneak peak at the new look!

Google FAQs

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