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A New Home for Academic Data

by Ted Fondak

As previously announced, ITS dry docked the Multimedia Storage server (MSS) and Software server over the summer for overhaul and repurposing. What emerged from this process was a more powerful server with the express mission of supporting faculty, staff, and student academic activities, hence its name: the Academic server. (More information about this effort can be found in an article that appeared in the June and August newsletters.)

The Academic server can store common data such as video, audio, photos/images, PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and poster presentations along with every other type of file. Data stored on the Academic server can, uniquely, be shared between faculty, staff, and students, an invaluable feature for classroom and other collaborative academic work.

Another positive ramification of this overhaul is a significant storage boost. The Academic server has the ability to accommodate projects both great and small: quotas start at 20 GB and can be increased either at or after the initial request if a demonstrable need exists. The storage on the Academic server is intended for semester-long data storage.

To ensure the Academic server can be used by as many people as possible, allocated spaces are, by default, erased after one semester. Exceptions may be granted on an individual basis. Of course, the Employee Storage server (ESS) still provides convenient storage for up to 3 GB of your data. Remember that ESS will also permit one to share data with other members of the faculty and staff, but not students (unless they are employees of a department using an appropriate user account). If you believe the Academic Server can facilitate your work, please fill out the form to request a space, found on our Academic Server Guide.

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