Student Work and Computer Backups

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Student Work and Computer Backups

by Nikki Reynolds

Have you considered how much of the work you assign is completed on student computers? Ninety-eight percent of the freshman class brought computers with them, and that number has been above 95% for at least the last four years. In addition to the standard office productivity software, students can use web browsers to access all sorts of special tools, including the software we host on our Citrix server. What would your students lose if their computers crashed, and their hard drives turned to gobbledygook? Do you think one of your students might like a free hard drive?

You can help guide students into effective, secure computer use simply by directing them to Burke Library and the Information Commons on the first floor. There they can request a FREE RAFFLE TICKET from the Lab Consultant at the desk, answer two simple questions, and be entered into a drawing for a LaCie 500 GB Rugged External Drive - the one with the nice orange protective bumper around the edges. This drive has the ability to connect to either Windows or Mac OS X through USB 3.0, USB 2.0 or Firewire 400 or 800. It is the perfect device for any student backup needs, including carrying it to and from lab computers whenever this would be helpful.

Please help us get the word out to students. Our goal this year is to get through the spring semester without anyone losing their senior theses, or any other work, either. The drawing will be held on October 10 at noon in Burke Library.

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