Last updated: July 7, 2022

Google continuously updates its core email and calendar programs so that new features are brought to you as soon as they become available.  Consequently, if you see something new that is unclear, your best bet is to take advantage of the online help built in to HillMail and HillCalendar.

How do I access the HillConnect environment directly?

To log in directly to your HillMail account, please go to:   http://hillconnect.hamilton.edu

What is the “Migrated” label/folder?

If you had an active email account at Hamilton prior to May 2010 and your account was transitioned to HillConnect, a label/folder with the name “Migrated” was created during the transition process.

It’s important to know that what the old mail server referred to as a “folder” is now referred to as a “label” in the new system. A fundamental difference between the two storage methods is that with the new Google system multiple labels can be assigned to message where previously in the old SUN system a single message could be assigned to only one folder.

Therefore you can delete the label/folder named “Migrated” and not delete the associated messages.

I no longer receive a copy of any messages I send to Hamilton’s Listserv. what do I need to do?

Google will not deliver mail to you that you send to a Listserv list. So that you can tell whether your message was processed, your subscription settings are automatically set so that you will receive an acknowledgment email message from Listserv when your message is delivered to a list.

If you still wish to see a copy of your message in your INBOX, you can add your e-mail address to the CC (carbon copy) line when you address your message to the list.  Note that the CC line is processed independently from the TO line.  Therefore, receipt of the message in your INBOX is not confirmation that your message was distributed to the list.  Only the acknowledgement message noted above  can be considered confirmation that your message was distributed.

How Can I Change Label Colors?

The default color assigned to a label is so light it is almost invisible. To change the color, click the square to the right of the label (folder name) and select a color from the palette that appears.

label colors

Our office/organization shares an account, how many connections can we have to our HillMail account through a client?

You are limited to ten simultaneous logins via a client, i.e. if you share an account and use Thunderbird/Outlook/Apple Mail.  You are not limited by the number of web logins.

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