Audiovisual Services Copyright, Seek Permission

Audiovisual Services

Educators should be aware that it may be possible to make use of copyrighted materials beyond what's provided under fair use, if permission is granted first. There may or may not be a charge, and permission may be refused, but it never hurts to ask.

First, determine ownership of the work. Contact the library using the Ask a Librarian Form or call x4735 and a librarian will be able to help in locating addresses of publishers. Next send a detailed letter of request, including the following:

  • Title and author's/originator's name
  • Editor and edition (if a print material)
  • Exact material to be used, including amount, page numbers, chapters and if possible a photocopy of the material, or other appropriate quantitative description
  • Number of copies to be made
  • Purpose for the duplicated materials
  • Form or method of distribution
  • Whether or not the material is to be sold
  • Type of reproduction (photocopy, slide, videotape, etc.)


You might also do the following:

  • Leave blank spaces (possibly in the form of a checklist) at the end for the publisher to fill in whether or not permission is granted, conditions, authorized signature and date
  • Make three copies - one for your files and two to send to the publisher. One of these is to be returned to you with the publisher's decision indicated
  • Include a self-addressed, stamped return envelope
  • Don't ask for a blanket permission - in most cases it cannot be granted
  • Send by registered mail when response is crucial, such as for publications that will be sold or printed for distribution


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