WebAdvisor is the interface that allows you to access the information in the administrative system used by the Registrar’s Office to maintain student and course information.

Technical Information

WebAdvisor will operate on both PCs and Macs.

On a PC - Both Internet Explorer and Firefox function completely.
On a Mac - The preferred browser is Firefox.

The “Time Out” for this system is approximately 60 minutes. If there is no activity for 60 minutes, the system will automatically log you off and you will have to log back into WebAdvisor.

While in WebAdvisor, we discourage use of the “Back” button and the “Enter” key because they may function differently depending on your browser and PC setup. Use the “Menu” and “Submit” buttons as directed.

The username and password must be entered in lower case.  The username and password are the same as the ones used to access My Hamilton or Hamilton email.  You can not change your password just for WebAdvisor.

Because the information relating to student records is confidential, please be sure to LOGOUT when you have finished viewing the record.

Helpful Hints

Many option have a HELP feature in the upper right corner. Click on the word HELP to display more information about the feature you wish to view. Features that are currently available to use:

Search for Sections

You MUST select a term to search for course information.

My Advisees

Your advisees for a term are listed. From here, you can view the advisees Transcript and Course Schedule


A list of your advisees with a summary of GPA and Unit information

Class Roster

View your current Class Roster for a given term


View the grades you assigned for past courses or submit a current terms final grades 

My Class Schedule

View your teaching schedule for a selected semester.

**My Advisees, Advisees, Class Roster, Grading and My Class Schedule ask you to select a term. If you do not select a specific term, the information for all terms in the system will be displayed.

Search for Sections

  • Click Search for Sections. You do not need to login to use this feature.
  • Term is a required field. Click the down arrow and select the desired term. You must also select one other item before searching: Subject/Course No/Sect No:
  • If you know the exact course number and section that you want, you can enter it here and click submit at the bottom of the page.  If not, simply select the subject.
  • Sections Meeting After/Sections Ending Before: If you select after 8:00 a.m. and before 10:00 a.m., you will get all courses that start between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. Before does not refer to when a class ends.
  • Days of the Week: You can select the specific days you are interested in viewing.
  • Course Title Keyword(s): If you type “Child”, for example, any course that has the world Child in it will be listed.
  • Location: This option is not applicable
  • Instructor’s Last Name: Enter correct spelling of instructor’s last name.
  • Course Type: Select a Type to get groups of courses based on a common feature

Regardless of how you decide to search for classes, whether just select one of the options or a combination, you must always scroll down and click Submit.

After submitting your choice, you will get a listing of the sections that meet the criteria requested. Note the STATUS column to determine if the course is open or closed.

Class Rosters

You can view Class Rosters for a current or past term. If you DO NOT select a term or date range on the Class Roster option, you will get a list of all of your courses that are maintained in the system. If you want to narrow your selection list to a specific term, you can select the available terms from the TERM pull down field.

Note that the information in all WebAdvisor application represents the information that we have in the administrative system.  If a student  does not appear on your Class Roster in WebAdvisor, they probably have not officially added the course with the Registrar’s Office.  Please have them come to the Registrar's Office to correct their schedule.

My Advisees

The My Advisees Option allows you to view academic information for your advisees.  You can see the academic transcript and the schedule for a given term.  Remember the data reflects actual data in the Registrar’s system - If you don't see the information, it hasn't been entered in the system.


The student academic record is listed with Course Number/Title, Grade Units, Repeated Course Indicator (this will be checked if the course is a repeated course) and the term.  Transfer credit will be listed with a course title or description, but no letter grades.


Select the term from the pull down menu to see the current schedule information contained in the system. (Note: once courses are grades, they move from the schedule to the transcript). If you like to follow-up on advising conversations regarding registration or add/drop, you can see the changes to the student schedule as soon as they are made.

The information found in My Advisees is a great resources for advising meetings. Since the data is always available, and up to date, you won’t need to request copies of student information from the Registrar’s Office before you can talk with an advisee.

You can select only one option at a time. Once you have viewed the information on an advisee, click on the menu button in the top right corner to return to the menu. For security reasons, you will always return to the faculty menu. This prevents anyone without authorization from returning to the advisee listing to determine the name of the student record that was displayed. You should also note that for security reasons, the student name never appears on the WebAdvisor transcript or schedule screens.


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