Hamilton College is a residential campus that brings together students, faculty and staff with diverse backgrounds, life experiences, and complex identities. Each member of this community is unique and valued. The Office of Residential Life seeks to promote and enhance opportunities for students to learn about themselves and their peers in an atmosphere of respect and appreciation of differences. Individuals and groups are neither marginalized nor solely defined by their sex, race, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, religion, expression of gender identity, class, ability, age, and/or veteran status.

The Office of Residential Life is committed to:

  • Creating environments that are welcoming, inclusive and safe.
  • Policies, procedures and practices based on a value of fairness, consistency and equality.
  • Promoting self reflection, open dialogue, and critical thought with the goal of learning, development and mutual understanding.
  • Supporting students who struggle with the difficult process of self discovery, recognition of privilege and movement toward interdependence.
  • Recruiting, hiring and retaining a diverse professional and student staff.


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Residential Life

Office Location
Elihu Root House, 2nd Floor

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