Lesson Plans

Explore the Wellin collection through connections with the K-12 curriculum. The Wellin Museum's K-12 learning resources draw from a wide variety of art in our collection and emphasize skills such as observing and describing, using visual evidence to support an idea, comparing and contrasting, empathizing with others, and imagining.
Cover Page of learning resource entitled "Animals in Art and Literature"  
Recommended for grades 8-12
Developed by Jane Taylor, Class of 2022

In this module, students will consider the multifaceted relationships between humans and animals as seen in art. This learning resource highlights three common archetypes of how animals are portrayed in art—the symbiotic, the spiritual, and the savage—and guides them in connecting the visual with the literary through shared themes.

Cover Page of learning resource entitled "Wartime Photography in Context"  
Recommended for grades 9-12
Developed by Henry Wilson, Class of 2023
This learning resource focuses on photographs of the Gulf War and the Iraq War by Sebastião Salgado and Peter Turnley. It aims to help students understand how images can communicate the experiences and effects of war. Through this module, students will learn about modern geopolitics and engage in critical thinking, visual analysis, journaling, and empathy.