Permanent Collection Highlights
Art and Artifacts
August 1, 2014 — December 31, 2019

Katherine D. Alcauskas
Collections & Exhibition Specialist
Wellin Museum of Art


The Wellin Museum’s open storage evokes a modern-day cabinet of curiosities, with objects representing a wide range of media, time periods, and disciplines of study. The floor-to-ceiling glass cases in the museum’s Archive Hall feature highlights from the teaching collection as well as works on loan. Among the objects on view are Greek and Roman antiquities, art of the ancient Americas, and Native American pottery and rattles.

Also on view, in Archive Hall East, is Find and Seek, a new installation featuring a selection of works from the permanent collection. Rather than being organized by culture or period, these objects are arranged thematically or according to visual affinities. Visitors are invited to utilize their own analytic skills to discern relationships between the works on view. Each object shares something with the object to its right and possesses a different relationship with the object on its left. Encouraging an active engagement with the exhibited works, Find and Seek allows visitors to discover new and hidden meanings.