• Doran Larson

    Edward North Chair of Greek and Greek Literature and Professor of Literature and Creative Writing, Director of American Studies
    Photograph of Doran Larson
    20th-century American literature; the history of the Anglo-American novel; fiction writing; nonfiction writing and prison writing of the U.S., South Africa, and Ireland
  • Lydia Hamessley

    Chair, the Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Music
    Photograph of Lydia Hamessley
    Dolly Parton; American folk and traditional musics; banjo, music and film; medieval and renaissance music; music and gender
  • Celeste Day Moore

    Associate Professor of History
    Photograph of Celeste Day Moore
    African-American history; diasporic and transnational history; race and empire in 20th-century U.S. and France
  • Seth Schermerhorn

    Associate Professor of American Studies
    Photograph of Seth Schermerhorn
    anthropology of religion; global Christianities; religion in America; Native American religious traditions; traditional ecological knowledge; pilgrimage; personhood and place
  • Nigel Westmaas

    Chair, Associate Professor of Africana Studies
    Photograph of Nigel Westmaas
    history, sociology, and Africana studies


Department Name

American Studies Program

Contact Name

Doran Larson, Program Director

Office Location
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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