As leaders in education and environmental stewardship, students, faculty, and staff at Hamilton are committed to protecting and sustaining the environment through institutional processes, management of facilities, and curriculum. 
H2030 Carbon Neutral

Sustainability Commitments

The four-year efforts of the Sustainability Working Group have resulted in three plans that amongst other things, seeks to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, 20 years earlier than originally announced in 2007.

Academics & Research

Sustainability is an integral consideration in many facets of a Hamilton education, from curricular offerings to off-campus study options and student research opportunities.

Climate Leadership

Members of the Hamilton College community are committed to developing environmentally conscious facilities and policies and are active in sustainability initiatives.

Student Engagement

Hamilton College students find many ways to get involved with sustainability efforts on campus and beyond through clubs such as HEAG and summer internships.


Hamilton has a 1,350-acre campus (800 acres of which are undeveloped) and can trace its landscape-preservation commitment to 1850, when Oren and Nancy Root bought a building near the center of campus and began their stewardship of the surrounding environment.


Hamilton uses Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) guidelines as a basis for design in new construction and for major renovations. The College also seeks sources of renewable energy to reduce its carbon footprint.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Hamilton cuts waste by promoting campus-wide recycling, composting food and reusing products through annual programs such as Cram & Scram. Hamilton also participates in Recyclemania, an eight-week competition for colleges and universities.


Shrinking the distance our food travels from farm to plate is one way that Hamilton’s food service provider leads the way in changing the way people eat. Sourcing closer to home draws us back to the land, back to the kitchen, and back to the simple pleasure of real, seasonal food.


Students don’t need to have a car on campus to run an errand, visit the mall, or go out to dinner and a movie. They can use Hamilton's free Jitney shuttle service, take a taxi or Uber, or hop the public bus.


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sustainability fair 2022

Sustainability Fair Explores Issues, Offers Opportunities

Hamilton hosted the Sustainability Fair on Oct. 24, an event aimed at exposing students to local sustainability issues and the various opportunities for involvement.

Three students happily stand together in front of an intentional low-mow zone on campus.

Sustainability Interns Make Their Mark on College Hill

With the support of many Hamiltonians from across campus, a small cohort of interns spent the summer developing a plan for how the College can use green landscaping as a tool in its sustainability efforts.


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