About two-thirds of Hamilton students take part in off-campus study opportunities that range from the College’s highly rated language programs in China, France, and Spain to internships with Hamilton’s D.C. and NYC programs to field research with program providers in places like New Zealand and Costa Rica.

Pursue Your Passion

At each off-campus destination, Hamilton students expand their knowledge through academics and real-world engagement. Internships and experiential learning are major components of Hamilton’s domestic programs. Students who study abroad in language immersion programs pledge to speak no English, emerging from the challenge with greatly improved skills, confidence in their own abilities, and a global perspective.

International Study

Hamilton sponsors or is affiliated with programs in China, France, and Spain. Students may also choose from more than 100 additional programs approved by the College.

Domestic Study

Hamilton’s programs in New York City, Washington, D.C., and at the New England Center for Children in Boston provide students with opportunities to combine rigorous academic preparation with practical experience.

Student Reflections

Maya Taliaferro
“I was still able to keep up with some of the scientific stuff that I like to do, and do that in Japan and practice my Japanese. It was really the perfect mix.”
Brenda Narvaez
“Now that I look back on my time abroad I realize that I have grown a lot, and that my interests around immigration before going abroad did not change so much as they evolved.”
Aaron Balivet
“I remember the sense of accomplishment I felt when I was walking on the street and realized that I passively understood what was being said around me without needing to focus my attention.”
Linnea Sahlberg
“Taking a course in video game development allowed me to explore a completely different area of computer science. I met a lot of people in the industry as I traveled through Denmark and Germany.”


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