• Stephanie Bahr

    Assistant Professor of Literature, Director of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
    Photograph of Stephanie Bahr
  • Abhishek Amar

    Director, Associate Professor of Asian Studies
    Photograph of Abhishek Amar
    archaeological history of South Asian religions, especially Buddhist and Hindu traditions; research in themes of inter-religious dynamics, syncretism and religious transformation; colonialism and reconfigurations of sacred centers; and religion and water management in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions
  • Mackenzie Cooley

    Assistant Professor of History, Director of Latin American Studies
    Photograph of Mackenzie Cooley
    history of science; early modern world; Colonial Latin America; environmental history; intellectual history; digital humanities; history of gender and sexuality; animal studies; genetics and history
  • Luis Miguel dos Santos Vicente

    Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies
    Photograph of Luis Miguel dos Santos Vicente
    Medieval Iberian literatures and cultures; cross-cultural exchanges; medieval travel writing; Alfonso X of Castile; early modern Spanish travel; autobiography
  • John Eldevik

    Professor of History, Chair of the Department of German, Russian, Italian, and Arabic
    Photograph of John Eldevik
    social and economic history of the early Middle Ages; history of law and mechanisms of conflict resolution; the perceptions of non-Christian peoples and lands in medieval manuscript culture
  • Lydia Hamessley

    Eugene M. Tobin Distinguished Professor of Music
    Photograph of Lydia Hamessley
    Dolly Parton; American folk and traditional musics; banjo, music and film; medieval and renaissance music; music and gender
  • Usman Hamid

    Assistant Professor of Asian Studies
    Photograph of Usman Hamid
    History of Islam in South Asia, specializing in Sultanate and Mughal India; Muslim devotional traditions, material culture, and gender and sexuality; history of pre-modern Iran and Persian culture
  • Katherine Terrell

    Associate Chair, Professor of Literature
    Photograph of Katherine Terrell
    Old English, Middle English, and Middle Scots language and literature
  • Margaret Thickstun

    Chair, Jane Watson Irwin Professor of Literature
    Photograph of Margaret Thickstun
    literature in 17th-century England and Colonial America, particularly by women and by people writing on religious subjects
  • Laura Tillery

    Assistant Professor of Art History
    Photograph of Laura Tillery
    Medieval and early modern art; Scandinavian studies; German studies; economics and trade; religious iconography; object-based learning; history and methods of art history


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Medieval and Renaissance Studies Program

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Margie Thickstun, Program Director

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198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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