• Kira Jumet

    Associate Professor of Government, Director of Middle East/Islamicate Worlds Studies
    Photograph of Kira Jumet
    comparative politics, international relations, and Middle East politics
  • Rama Alhabian

    Assistant Professor of Arabic
    19th & 20th century Arabic literature; medieval Arabic travel writing and the Medieval Maqama; genre, translation, and postcolonial studies
  • Abhishek Amar

    Director, Associate Professor of Asian Studies
    Photograph of Abhishek Amar
    archaeological history of South Asian religions, especially Buddhist and Hindu traditions; research in themes of inter-religious dynamics, syncretism and religious transformation; colonialism and reconfigurations of sacred centers; and religion and water management in the Buddhist and Hindu traditions
  • Usman Hamid

    Assistant Professor of Asian Studies
    Photograph of Usman Hamid
    History of Islam in South Asia, specializing in Sultanate and Mughal India; Muslim devotional traditions, material culture, and gender and sexuality; history of pre-modern Iran and Persian culture
  • Shoshana Keller

    Chair and William R. Kenan Jr. Professor of History
    Photograph of Shoshana Keller
    Russian and Soviet history, Central Eurasian history, and history of the modern Middle East
  • Mireille Koukjian

    Associate Professor of Instruction in Arabic
    Photograph of Mireille  Koukjian
    foreign-language education, specifically Arabic and the integration of storytelling into language learning
  • Claire Mouflard

    Associate Professor of French
    contemporary French and Francophone literature, culture, and film; literature and cinema of immigration; transnational immigrant identities in France
  • Anat Guez

    Lecturer in Hebrew
    Photograph of Anat Guez
    Israeli culture, ethnicity, and Hebrew language


Department Name

Middle East/Islamicate Worlds Studies Program

Contact Name

Kira Jumet, Program Director

Office Location
198 College Hill Road
Clinton, NY 13323

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