The Senior Program

The Senior Program in Chinese is the culminating intellectual experience at Hamilton, in which the cultural experience in China, the language proficiency and insights gained in the first three years are combined and integrated. The centerpiece of the Chinese concentration is the senior project. The one semester project requires the concentrators to finish and present a work of scholarship completely in Chinese and/or using substantial materials in the original language. Chinese majors work closely with a faculty member(s) each week and during two group presentations during the semester, including a final defense.

Recent projects include:

  • How Do Chinese International Students at Hamilton View Cross-Strait Relations?
  • Express Delivery: China’s Shipping Logistics and Food Delivery Infrastructure
  • Usage of Apology Words in Chinese Ethan Plous, China’s Semiconductor Industry: Past and Future
  • Hong Xiuquan and His Understanding of Christianity
  • Chinese International Students’ Perceptions of Chinese Censorship Policies and Their Influence
  • Food Videos in Mainland China as Soft Power
  • “Leftover Women” and Modern Chinese Women’s Autonomy
  • China’s Organ Donation Policy and Public Perceptions 
  • China’s Sixth-Generation Directors and Jia Zhangke
  • Concepts of Sports in China and the Impact of Pandemic
  • China’s Hukou System: Rural Perspectives on Land Use and Reform


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Chinese Program

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Jesse Jia, Program Coordinator

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198 College Hill Road
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