The Senior Program

During their senior year, all classics concentrators work closely with a faculty member on one-semester independent research projects of their choosing.

Some recent senior projects in classics include:

Classical Languages
  • Misogyny, Broicism, and the “Natural Order”: Women and Stoicism
Classical Studies
  • One Hundred and Forty-Five Vowels: Greek Typographical Innovations of the Fifteenth Century
  • The Hidden Enemy: Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Symptoms in Ancient Greek Society
  • Isis and Dionysus: A Cult Comparison
  • Fear of the Dead: Phasmophobia in Classical Greece
  • Monomythic
  • (A)Moral Death: Honor, Shame, and Self-Killing in Classical Greece
  • Female Revenge and the Myth of Atalanta
  • The Ultimate Fanclub: Early Christianity as a Religion of Imitators


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Classics Department

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